Inspiring a future-ready position

by Brynna Sentel

Illinois soybean farmers are among the most innovative in the world. That’s not something that just happens. It’s intentional. They are constantly looking for information so they can be the first to adopt new discoveries and maintain their competitive advantage.

Science and technology are continually evolving and for soybean farmers to remain competitive, the path forward depends on how they prepare. The research discoveries happening today will transform into a new way of doing business in the future.

Staying abreast of these innovations can be challenging – and we love to be challenged. We also love asking questions. When we learn about a new innovation, we want to know:

  • How soybean farmers can benefit
  • What resources they need access to in order to adopt the innovation
  • Possible barriers or accelerators
  • How the soy industry can successfully prepare

It’s our love for science and research that brought us to where we are today.

Meet SoyInnovator

SoyInnovator is an online resource brought to you by the Illinois Soybean Association (ISA). Our mission is to provide soybean farmers and the industry that supports them with science-based news and reviews in a way that inspires continual improvement on the farm through the adoption of new practices and technology.

We focus on what farmers need to know in order to adapt to an innovation and make these considerations when developing content:

  • Is it grounded in science with a trusted expert?
  • Will it have a meaningful impact on the soy industry?
  • Will it require growers to make an adaptation to their business?

Tomorrow’s farmers are more tech savvy and motivated by emerging innovations that benefit the industry, the environment, and their bottom line. SoyInnovator will enable farmers of the future to become more efficient and better informed, to improve tomorrow’s yields, and to be ready for what’s next in Illinois agriculture.

Steve Pitstick, Illinois farmer

Natural extension of ISA

ISA’s mission is to enable Illinois soybean farmers to be the most knowledgeable and profitable in the world. Our checkoff funded market development and utilization efforts focus on soybean producers’ current and future needs.

Through the checkoff, ISA invests in research that propels Illinois soybean production toward a sustainable future, finds new uses for soy, and grows global demand for soy products. SoyInnovator brings you insights into this research and digs deeper into how it impacts the soy industry.

Illinois is a leader in soybean production with a huge economic impact. Illinois soybeans provide a global food supply, feed for animals, sustainable biodiesel and much more. SoyInnovator is a natural extension to our educational efforts by providing future-ready insights.

At SoyInnovator, we hope you are ready to “JUMP INTO WHAT’S NEXT” and discover your competitive advantage.