Exploring the carbon market: Are carbon credits a good opportunity for your farmland?

by Brynna Sentel
33 minute video read
Plants in the ground wrapped in dollars

Many landowners don’t want to miss a good opportunity to earn additional income for their farm. The high demand for carbon credits is predicted to increase by a factor of 15 or more by 2030, but without regulations on compliance and pricing for the market there are a lot of hesitations and questions about whether it’s the right fit.

KCoe’s sustainability experts provide sensibility around the current carbon market opportunities – from both an economic and operational viewpoint – for farmers to consider before entering the market. They answer:

  • Why is carbon becoming so important in agriculture?
  • What emerging markets and policies should I be paying attention to?
  • How do I know if my operation is a good fit for carbon credits?
  • What should I be mindful of when it comes to carbon contracts and opportunities?

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