Farm Income diversification through hosting renewable energy and land conservation strategies

by Robin Brannin
32 minute video read
A hand holding a bag of money. A soybean field is in the background

What farmer wouldn’t welcome diversification of income streams that are secure and legitimate? You don’t have to look far to find those opportunities. They’re literally on the ground beneath your feet.

Your privately-owned land has value well beyond crop production. Often, farmers need to diversify when commodity prices just aren’t enough or they’re looking to retire, liquidate debt, expand land and equipment, consolidate family lands, or if they receive an offer from energy development companies.

KCoe encourages farmers to explore hosting renewable energy projects, which can often generate diversified income. Learn about the opportunities that are available, and how you should approach and review potential offers to ensure a safe, long-term opportunity for your farmland, business, and family.

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